Your money speaks loudly

This year I have been focusing on how to reduce my impact on the environment. Renting in the city, being young and quite the consumer it all seemed overwhelming on how I could do anything to change the world around me.

As I continue studying my International Business degree I realise how important it is to be an informed consumer and consider what we are purchasing and how it (as mundane as it may seem) impacts our environment. At the end of the day we are all consumers. In amidst the 'Global Financial Crisis' I really feel where we decide to put our money matters even more.

Things I like to consider are:
  • Where was this made? Australia, Italy, China?
  • Who made it? Was it made by children, are wages fair?
  • Who owns it? Coca-Cola Amatil owns Mt Franklin for example.
  • What environmental impacts are there?
  • Do I want to give my money to this person,company, country?

It really DOES make a difference.

Apathy is our greatest enemy. You may not know what you think, believe and what your ethics are but its really exciting to start having greater perspective in your purchase decisions. Buying Local, Organic and Fair Trade straight away means you are buying something that is reducing some of this worlds problems....

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