Hubcap Karma

Good Hubcap Karma

Check out Pearsonville and the 30ft blow up doll.

What I love so much about this crazy fucked up world that I live in is that no matter how horrible people can be to each other, no matter how selfish and egotistical people will get - they will still find time for the hubcap.
Hubcaps are propped up against telegraph poles, fences, anything to make them visible to the driver who has lost this precious item from their car. Don't worry about the fact people will coin your car, snap your aerial, debadge your Mercedes, because these same people will probably prop up your hubcap when you lose it. It's like someone will scrape your car with a trolley and not tell you - but if they walk past a hubcap it's like "Woah, stop! I have to prop this up so someone can find it."
Who started this unwritten hubcap social etiquette? Who keeps it going? Is there some magic hubcap fairy who comes at night and magically moves all the hubcaps off the road and into high-vis places for passers by? Has anyone actually even found a hubcap they lost propped up on a sidewalk? Or do people just drive along looking for any old match for their Corona/Ford Escort/Nissan? Although I have never had to use this ethical service, I will appreciate every time I see a hubcap on the side of the road that someone, somewhere is keeping this tradition alive. God-bless-them, because the day that there are no more propped hubcaps - is really the day music died.

Russian Artist


Seriously you have to WATCH THIS!
This Russian artist incredibly
sketches a woman
inside out.
skeleton to flesh.
I wonder if he could draw me a bird
skull to peacock.

......x n.

I like bike.

'Double Trouble - Tag Team'

just come.
6:30pm @ The Alibi Room

ps. I heart Harry.

My Pink Bits

Letting Go

I never understood how hard the above statement is to actualise.
This year I had to do something I have never done before
- let go of a best friend.
Emotional, emotional, emotional,
but I was sick of the drama.
Right now,
I want to laugh so hard my skull drops off. n.
Quote found here @ Yimmyayo

Take a Bow

Spot my bow.........x.n.

Tales and Ales

with DR Chuck Hahn

Wed 22nd April, 2009 from 6.00pm

Brewmaster and storyteller Chuck Hahn will discuss the rise of the craft beer
market whilst guests sample a range of beers with matching tapas tastes.

Cost: $49 including six pack of beers tasted on the night to take away.

Bookings Essential! Phone: (07) 3255 2033 to reserve your place.

Meet at GEAR BRISBANE 5.00pm for a quick pre beer-beer and ride

The Barber

The Barber.

Randle Holme, an indisputable authority, in his great work on "Heraldry," figures a barber as above. "He beareth argent," says Holme; "a barber bare-headed with a pair of cisers in his right hand, and a comb in his left, clothed in russet, his apron checque of the first, and azure; a barber is always known by his checque party-coloured apron, therefore it needs not mentioning." Holme emphatically adds, "neither can be termed a barber, (or poler, or shaver,) as anciently they were called, till his apron be about him;" that is to say, "his checque party-coloured apron." This, and this only, is the "flag of his profession."

Holme derives the denomination barber from barba, a beard, and describes him as a cutter of hair; he was also anciently termed a poller, because in former times to poll was to cut the hair: to trim was to cut the beard, after shaving, into form and order.

The intrument-case of a barber, and the instruments in their several divisions, are particularly described by Holme. It contained his looking-glass, a set of horn combs with teeth on one side and wide, "for the combing and readying of long, thick, and stony heads of hair, and such like perriwigs;" a set of box combs, a set of ivory combs with fine teeth on both sides, an ivory beard-comb, a beard-iron called the forceps, being a curling iron for the beard, a set of razors, tweezers with an earpick, a rasp to file the point of a tooth, a hone for his razors, a bottle of sweet oil for his hone, a powder box with sweet powder, a puff to powder the hair, a four square bottle with a screwed head for sweet water, wash balls and sweet balls, caps for the head to keep the hair up, trimming cloths to put before a man, and napkins to put about his neck, and dry his hands and face with. After he was shaved and barbed, the barber was to hold him the glass, that he might see "his new-made face," and instruct the barber where it was amiss: the barber was then to "take off the linens, brush his clothes, present him with his hat, and, according to his hire, make a bow, with 'your humble servant, sir.'"

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So you think you can shave?

I always wanted to go to India and shave my head.
In 2007 I started shaving one side.
It was girls more into a punk, goth, lesbian/bi scene etc. then.
Now its been 'main scened'.
(No comment)
Last year I still hadn't made it to India so it all went.
One of the best things I have ever done.
Just do it.
....x n.