100g please. No more. No less. Just one. hundred. grams. Of what? It does not matter. I just want 100g.  Whatever you have. That's it! I just want to know I can contain 100g. I want to touch it. Smell it. Taste it. Try it. Sell it. Buy it.  Gift wrap it all in one hundred grams.  It does not matter why. It could be skulls. It could be peacocks. What matters is I have grams weighing one hundred of them.  Now do not delay.  Weigh. Weigh. Weigh!

For Me

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Earl Grey tea.
Rose & Violet chocolates.

The smell of old books.
Fresh flowers in my room.
Crinkly paper.
Inky pens.
Ancient family photos.

Crisp cotton sheets.
Golden sun.
The smell of fresh rain.
Ocean swimming.
Purple flowers.
China tea cups, all odd.
A hundred lit candles.
Spiritual rituals.
Sun kissed skin.
All white bedrooms.
Rustic wood.
Miso soup.
White crochet.
Naked bodies.
Pedicured toes.
Peacock feathers everywhere.
Skulls and bones.

Dead pretty beetles.
Huge dining tables.
White roses.
Lots of windows.
Hight ceilings.
Red Lips.
Red toenails.
Simple, statement pieces.
Paper money.
Dress makers dummies.
Glass jars.
Fluffy towels.
Eyeliner x 3.
Loads of mascara.
Indian splendour meets British Imperialism.
Lying in the grass, sand, bush, floor.
Shift dresses.
Post-it notes.
Wooden hangers.
Beautiful lamps.
Vegie gardens.
Smiles from strangers.
.......love n. x

Roller Derby

With the new movie Whip It now showing the secret is out and a Roller Derby  craze is coming.  I can smell it in the air.  There has to be something all of us girls with "way-to-many-tattoos-to-hold-down-a-respectable-job" can do right? I remember being asked to join about two years ago at Greazefest in Brisbane. I thought it was naked mud wrestling for girls and was seriously offended that the guy had told me I would be perfect for it.  Little did I know.....

That's right boys and girls, come along this Saturday night:
31st of October (Hallowed Eve!) :  Liquorice Short Shorts Vs the Golden Roughs watch the Brissy girls in full contact action. - I mean how can you not?

Watch the Whip It trailer and it looks like a lot of fun.  Starring Drew Barrymore (her directorial debut), Ellen Page (Juno), Zoe Bell, Marcia Gay Harden and Kristen Wiig. I may go a watching this weekend (leave a review in comments if you have seen it) and make it a big fat derby filled weekend.

If you are interested in getting involved most of the Roller Derby clubs are looking for fresh-meat early next year so I have listed some links here:  Sunstate Roller Girls - Brisbane City Rollers - Northen Brisbane RollersDerby Rooster (this lists amateur Roller Derby for all over Australia and worldwide).

Bicycle Film Festival 09

Oh I had so much fun at the Bicycle Film Festival in Melbourne last year. Its a long story but we got lost and ended up jumping a barb wire fence. The problem was we had unknowingly jumped into a police compound and after a bit of blood and bruises and accidently breaking their automatic gate opener thingy in an attempt to furiously get out - we made it to the BFF08.  So. Worth. It.

If you have a chance to go this year, it is so much fun! It travels all around the world and it will show in both Sydney and Melbourne in November. It's a great gathering even if you don't ride bikes, so do not feel you have to be 'in the know'.  I bet you will want to get one after you see everyone showing off their 2 wheeled babies though. Click on any of the highlighted words for links to websites and details.  Also Yimmys Yayo has put a request out for photographers/artists alike for BFF09 in Sydney - check his blog for details and send in a photo all you creative cats.

love n....x

Climate Change?

350 parts per million  is the safe levels of Carbon in the atmosphere.  Check out what has been happening already GLOBALLY.  I was down at New Farm Park in Brisbane to get involved.  Apathy is our greatest enemy - don't you want to know what decisions are being made and who are making decisions on behalf of YOUR WORLD.  The UN Climate Change Conference  is being held in Copenhagen in December 2009.  Start noticing the conversations happening around you everyday and get an informed opinion, even if it is just a little one.  Only 18 months ago I thought Climate Change was some weird conspiracy theory - I knew nothing.  I am still learning but I am glad I started by just asking questions. Read about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC here  and if you liked this subscribe for updates here.   For something a little simpler to get an overview of Climate Change this blog entry is really good here .

So it seems...

So it seems I have I have stolen my look from someone which I did not even know of, until someone mentioned it to me....

Nadege du Bospertus Elle Magazine [United Kingdom] (June 1991)
I share the same name, french heritage and short crop - except she is an amazing gorgeous ex super model with three kids and still such a stunning woman.....and I am well how shall I put this, just over 5feet and clearly not a super model!!!   Oh and did I mention she speaks three languages and lives in Milan with her husband. How did I not know about her???

Nadege du Bospertus Magazine Covers

Worth of love.

"Those who don't feel worthy of love allow themselves to be used and wounded by people whose own lack of self knowledge does not allow them to see the depth of injury they inflict."
- unknown.