Climate Change?

350 parts per million  is the safe levels of Carbon in the atmosphere.  Check out what has been happening already GLOBALLY.  I was down at New Farm Park in Brisbane to get involved.  Apathy is our greatest enemy - don't you want to know what decisions are being made and who are making decisions on behalf of YOUR WORLD.  The UN Climate Change Conference  is being held in Copenhagen in December 2009.  Start noticing the conversations happening around you everyday and get an informed opinion, even if it is just a little one.  Only 18 months ago I thought Climate Change was some weird conspiracy theory - I knew nothing.  I am still learning but I am glad I started by just asking questions. Read about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC here  and if you liked this subscribe for updates here.   For something a little simpler to get an overview of Climate Change this blog entry is really good here .

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