Roller Derby

With the new movie Whip It now showing the secret is out and a Roller Derby  craze is coming.  I can smell it in the air.  There has to be something all of us girls with "way-to-many-tattoos-to-hold-down-a-respectable-job" can do right? I remember being asked to join about two years ago at Greazefest in Brisbane. I thought it was naked mud wrestling for girls and was seriously offended that the guy had told me I would be perfect for it.  Little did I know.....

That's right boys and girls, come along this Saturday night:
31st of October (Hallowed Eve!) :  Liquorice Short Shorts Vs the Golden Roughs watch the Brissy girls in full contact action. - I mean how can you not?

Watch the Whip It trailer and it looks like a lot of fun.  Starring Drew Barrymore (her directorial debut), Ellen Page (Juno), Zoe Bell, Marcia Gay Harden and Kristen Wiig. I may go a watching this weekend (leave a review in comments if you have seen it) and make it a big fat derby filled weekend.

If you are interested in getting involved most of the Roller Derby clubs are looking for fresh-meat early next year so I have listed some links here:  Sunstate Roller Girls - Brisbane City Rollers - Northen Brisbane RollersDerby Rooster (this lists amateur Roller Derby for all over Australia and worldwide).

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