Bicycle Film Festival 09

Oh I had so much fun at the Bicycle Film Festival in Melbourne last year. Its a long story but we got lost and ended up jumping a barb wire fence. The problem was we had unknowingly jumped into a police compound and after a bit of blood and bruises and accidently breaking their automatic gate opener thingy in an attempt to furiously get out - we made it to the BFF08.  So. Worth. It.

If you have a chance to go this year, it is so much fun! It travels all around the world and it will show in both Sydney and Melbourne in November. It's a great gathering even if you don't ride bikes, so do not feel you have to be 'in the know'.  I bet you will want to get one after you see everyone showing off their 2 wheeled babies though. Click on any of the highlighted words for links to websites and details.  Also Yimmys Yayo has put a request out for photographers/artists alike for BFF09 in Sydney - check his blog for details and send in a photo all you creative cats.

love n....x

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