For all of you who did not believe me. [And yes Gelatine can be made from horses hooves.]

The blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus)  

Be yourself. Bleh.

Stop telling people to 'Be themselves'.
It makes me sick, "Just be who you are".
The poor kid is 14 he/she does not know who he/she is yet.
And if you are saying this to a 40 year old clearly they do not know who they are yet either.

Be Yourself.
Unless of course you don't know who you are.
Or you are a wanker.

I want the new easy non committal reassuring advice slogan to be "Learn Yourself".
It has so many ways you can use it.
Like, "Learn yourself, fuck I did."
Or, "Learn yourself, find out who you really are before you start just being it all the time."
And, "Learn yourself, no one else can learn it for you."
Ok, you get my drift.

I feel I had a good sense of self from a young age. [Being an only child and homeschooling for two high school years made me a little too well acquainted with the concept of self]. But I still needed some life experience and time to trust that the self I thought I was 'just being' was going to be consistent, able to communicate, socially acceptable and well suited to the current friendship circles. Or whether it was in fact in major need of new growth for any of the above. People Change. But the person you were yesterday does not.  I just think people should know and endeavour to always learn who they are before trying to be it all the time.  

Newsflash! - It is impossible to not be yourself.  Go forth and learn thyself people.  And then be it as much as you like all the time.  But give the poor 14 year old kid a break, his body doesn't even know who he is yet, half man or half boy?
.....x n.

Just incase you are struggling to find yourself in amongst all the other selves wikiHow has come to the rescue.  Finding yourself is only one click away [HERE] 
Ps. If you would like to lose yourself it is quite easy.  Drink lots. Ingest copius drugs.  Watch tv constantly whilst mindlessly eating. Shop for lots for things you do not need, with money you do not have. Or better still get into an abusive relationship.  Trying to BE YOURSELF whilst doing any of the above proves difficult and you may find yourself becoming harder and harder to find. [Not recommended].

Candy Cigarette

Forehead Furrows

Look Mum!
Yes sweetie?
I can move my forehead!

 - 22 year old girl, still has not had botox.


Speaking of sexy RedHeads.  Lily Cole.
Face like a strawberry. yum.

For all your Ginger imaginarium fetishes go: 
RedPoppy Fashion  & RedHead Models  ... so pretty

Jessica Rabbit

It it wrong that Jessica Rabbit turns me on?  I still think she is the sexiest thing ever and my jaw drops every time I watch this....hee. x

Sand Art


Hole Heart Puncher.

Do you know those days where you feel so happy and content and unsuspecting and then POW! You get punched in the heart.  Yeah they fucking suck.  I had one yesterday. Here is what I wrote:

Wasted from lack of sleep and muddy blood circulating through my soul.  The sediment just will not settle with this one.  The swamp monster strikes again with his hole heart punch leaving my confetti scattered all over the floor.  It sticks to everything and I can't even begin to fathom how to clean it all up.  The aftermath of the celebration should have not gone wrong.

"That confetti is my heart, please do not walk all over it", she cried in that weak voice people had tired of listening to. With a final sigh, "I have to piece it back together again.  Somehow."

All the air was sucked out of my lungs and I was trapped in the vacuum, with no beat, no brain left.  Bang. The blood returned.  I wanted to stay faint, barely breathing but the tears woke my eyes and brought the feelings back to my legs.  Run they said.  Run away, so far away they can not touch you, or ever find you ever, ever again.  They can not keep doing this.  Your skin will burn every time in the fire, it does not become familiar to your touch.  Smash anything in your way, my arms said, wrestle free and let no one tie those arms across your chest ever again.  Why are they repeating themselves?  Why do they expect a different response?  Why do they want to spin me around in circles and keep asking why I feel dizzy?  This is how it felt before.  A fucking repeat.

[That is what I think hell is. A repeat of everything over and over again.  Eternity of the same life over and over.  It does not matter if it was ever good.  Repeated, we become god without a chance.]

Enough now.  Enough.  That will do.  I want to dance now, slowly and gently in your arms, closing my eyes, hearing nothing but the rhythm of your music dancing in time with my feet, heartbeat.

Love N...........x


Um. Ouch.

I beg to differ...

Um, have you seen the Rolling Stones lately?

Shaman: He who knows

I am the Heroine.
Communication is my needle.
And you are my addict.

love n.....x.


Whatever the fuck that weight was that has been sitting on my chest.  
Thank-you, it has finally left. Phew!

Mark Ryden

When I look at his art it gives me this quiet, fine, calculated, fantastical, sickly-sweet fusion of feelings and messages.  Everything he does for me just works.

I have never seen something I do not like by this man.

A peep at some work by RYDEN:

"If you enchant yourself, others will be too."  - Mark Ryden - October, 1998

Mark Ryden - he did the illustration for MJ Dangerous Album
[please don't sue me Epic Records]

[Heaven from the most recent 'Snow Yak' exhibition held in Tokyo]

I love his statements about why he often paints meat here. 
Free wallpaper here 

Fools GOLD.

Please take a boot. Probably a big steel capped shoe.  Take your favourite foot, the one with all your nicest toes and insert into said shoe.  Pause a moment. Then smile and kick me in the shin.  Now as I buckle please kick me in the heart.  At this point gently whisper, "you are a fool for believing......".

love n.....x.