Be yourself. Bleh.

Stop telling people to 'Be themselves'.
It makes me sick, "Just be who you are".
The poor kid is 14 he/she does not know who he/she is yet.
And if you are saying this to a 40 year old clearly they do not know who they are yet either.

Be Yourself.
Unless of course you don't know who you are.
Or you are a wanker.

I want the new easy non committal reassuring advice slogan to be "Learn Yourself".
It has so many ways you can use it.
Like, "Learn yourself, fuck I did."
Or, "Learn yourself, find out who you really are before you start just being it all the time."
And, "Learn yourself, no one else can learn it for you."
Ok, you get my drift.

I feel I had a good sense of self from a young age. [Being an only child and homeschooling for two high school years made me a little too well acquainted with the concept of self]. But I still needed some life experience and time to trust that the self I thought I was 'just being' was going to be consistent, able to communicate, socially acceptable and well suited to the current friendship circles. Or whether it was in fact in major need of new growth for any of the above. People Change. But the person you were yesterday does not.  I just think people should know and endeavour to always learn who they are before trying to be it all the time.  

Newsflash! - It is impossible to not be yourself.  Go forth and learn thyself people.  And then be it as much as you like all the time.  But give the poor 14 year old kid a break, his body doesn't even know who he is yet, half man or half boy?
.....x n.

Just incase you are struggling to find yourself in amongst all the other selves wikiHow has come to the rescue.  Finding yourself is only one click away [HERE] 
Ps. If you would like to lose yourself it is quite easy.  Drink lots. Ingest copius drugs.  Watch tv constantly whilst mindlessly eating. Shop for lots for things you do not need, with money you do not have. Or better still get into an abusive relationship.  Trying to BE YOURSELF whilst doing any of the above proves difficult and you may find yourself becoming harder and harder to find. [Not recommended].

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