Hubcap Karma

Good Hubcap Karma

Check out Pearsonville and the 30ft blow up doll.

What I love so much about this crazy fucked up world that I live in is that no matter how horrible people can be to each other, no matter how selfish and egotistical people will get - they will still find time for the hubcap.
Hubcaps are propped up against telegraph poles, fences, anything to make them visible to the driver who has lost this precious item from their car. Don't worry about the fact people will coin your car, snap your aerial, debadge your Mercedes, because these same people will probably prop up your hubcap when you lose it. It's like someone will scrape your car with a trolley and not tell you - but if they walk past a hubcap it's like "Woah, stop! I have to prop this up so someone can find it."
Who started this unwritten hubcap social etiquette? Who keeps it going? Is there some magic hubcap fairy who comes at night and magically moves all the hubcaps off the road and into high-vis places for passers by? Has anyone actually even found a hubcap they lost propped up on a sidewalk? Or do people just drive along looking for any old match for their Corona/Ford Escort/Nissan? Although I have never had to use this ethical service, I will appreciate every time I see a hubcap on the side of the road that someone, somewhere is keeping this tradition alive. God-bless-them, because the day that there are no more propped hubcaps - is really the day music died.

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