Agent Orange.

What do you think of when you hear AGENT?

On Sunday (the 9th of August), 10,000 people gathered in Ho Chi Minh City to rally for 'Orange Day', raising funds for victims affected by Agent Orange. Read the article here.
If you do not know much about Agent Orange or the ramifications it is still having people's lives, it is an eye opener to research. Agent Orange is a combination of two herbicides used in the Vietnam war by the US Army to reveal where enemies were concealed. Some things made by man are just horrific beyond belief. I never knew the extent to which it deformed people. I have only put one photo below because I did not want to use victims of Agent Orange for 'graphic affect' as I found it disrespectful on this blog. I felt that if you are interested you will search yourself. Some really informative websites: Victims of Agent Orange, Agent Orange.

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