You are not who you are because of what you hate.

There is a new generation [approximately those between the age of X and Y] of haters.
And I quote: Stop hating it.
HATER: I hate it when people get famous and then they change.
REPLY: People change.
HATER: I hate it when people sell out.
REPLY: It's OK, one day you will make some money too.
HATER: I hate commercial music.
REPLY: Do you know what the meaning of commercial is?
HATER: I hate that everyone wears_____ now.
REPLY: Why don't you tell them - I'm not wearing it.
HATER: I hate people that have________.
REPLY: You can't fight it.
HATER: I used to like_________ but now they are ________.
REPLY: Oh wow yeah mmmmm, so what are you really interested in now? Right now, with abandon and no reservations or hate involved? I would be really very interested in what you are actually passionate about, knowledgeable in or enjoying at the moment.  Are you scared to tell me incase someone here already hates it?

Maybe then I wouldn't hate you so much.........x

Ps. I was doing that like so 2 years ago.......

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