Do Not Enter.

Do not take any notice of what I say.
I like to play with my words.
Play with your emotions.
And play with their minds.

So do not enter. Do not cross the line.  And do not go there.
I will always eat my letters and chew my words one hundred times before I swallow. Some call it blurring reality. I call it creative.  But I like both (she giggles while writing this).  Wait till you hear about the letter I am writing to Jesus.  It's a hoot.  No, no really.  I just don't want you to take anything seriously - this is all inspired not instilled truth.  That I will make clear as clarity. So long, and good luck feasting on her immaculate heart.

The ego of the Lion.
The will of a Bull.
The fire of a demon.
The spirit of a caterpillar. 
She is the only girl in the room that sees through you.

She is the colour Red with, the breath of White, the heart of Black and the mind of a colour wheel spun on rotation.

Good luck.
Love n..........x. 

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