The Witching Hour

So you are addicted to her. She has cast a spell on you and you can not stop.  You are lost. She has wrapped around you. Suffocating you so much you feel the air you are gasping for is the fresh air you crave. Instead you wonder if she will save you. Lift you up out of the simple daily existence before she ever was.  Your love mixes with easy confusion, which only she seems to clarify - and yet cause.  A vulnerability that feels like you are falling through a thin veil of film.  Your future life flashes before your eyes.  Are you falling in? Or are you falling out of step with who you are. Will you be sucked in and spat out? Will you be fulfilled and pleasured by these new tastes, touches and smells.  Vision can not be trusted at this time and you know that your thinking is skewed but you like the crooked smile that is constant on you face.  The new dance you have learnt, the play that chokes a giggle from your lungs.  This new experience is happening whether you like it or not and she has it all.  All or nothing - actually you haven't quite figured that one out, but for the moment it doesn't matter. She smells nice and that is all that counts.
.......x. n.

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