Breakfast in Bed

I adore breakfast in bed. It makes me feel like a princess spoiled rotten. My favourite book as a child was The Princess and the Pea and I would make my Step-Grandmother read it to me over and over. The most she got to was 27 times (obsession started at a young age). Just incase you haven't read this amazing piece of literature, basically, the Princess was out all night late with manky hair and mascara running down her cheeks and went back to a random's house. She lost a couple nights sleep (there was a pea under her bed) but she found out she was a princess, slept in probably the most amazing bed ever and found herself a prince, all without getting out of bed! Don't tell Grandma, but there may still be some squashed peas at her house underneath the mattress from me practicing being a princess. I also went to bed with brand new red patent shoes for a week when I was pretending to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. As you can see 'Bed' played a central theme for me as a child.
Infact, if I could live my life from bed and just step out at night to put on an amazing dress and killer heels every now and then I'd be happy. I am under no disillusion, I would probably end up having to be crane lifted out if I stayed in bed and ate. The only other thing better than eating in bed may be Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey.

My boyfriend doesn't know this but when he breaks my fast from the night before and brings me a cup of tea everytime I stay over, or toast, fruit or smoothie, he is fullfilling my childhood fairy tale dream (well almost). Oh! and I picked a guy who likes to make beds out of recycled wood, I am seeing a pattern here... I have left you with a little song by one of my favourites UB40, singing.....Breakfast In Bed (it made it to no. 6 in the UK charts). So funny.

Ps. I am typing this in bed with a smoothie, I haven't been up yet......x. n.

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