This is true. Buying condoms is still awkward when you are an adult.
Even if you have a boy/girlfriend, partner, husband/wife and have been sexing for years.

We have SEX everywhere around us in stimulus, ads, movies, music - but buy a sheath and all of a sudden it becomes a little too intimate and overtly sexual for all included. If you haven't bought some in awhile [maybe you should] you may have forgotten how 'ahem' it can be. Even if you don't feel awkward, often you realise the person at the checkout is. Sometimes you get a packet, see someone looking and think, 'Are they wondering if I'm hoping for some action tonight? Do they think I sleep around? Are they looking at me and thinking about sex?' I must admit if I see someone buying condoms I instantly look at them differently.
Perhaps buying condoms does ruin the fantasy of people who are actually out there having SEX. If Scarlett Johansson or Johnny Depp were buying condoms I'd be thinking - Fuck! Who's the lucky boy/girl then hey. BUT if some pimply faced 16 year old buys them or a sweaty, stinky beer gut guy with hair sprouting out his ears gets them, I'm like to be the person watching you put that Jimmy on.
We aren't gorgeous girls with tits falling out and bedroom eyes sleeping with men who have 8packs, 6ft, olive skin, square jaws and hair in all the right places. We are boring and daggy, men too skinny and girls too fat, mostly ordinary - very ordinary. It does destroys the illusion in those stark 7eleven fluro lights when it is just you and the latex and the stranger behind the counter. It bursts the bubble and you know that SEX is the most ridiculous, intimate, awkward thing in the world.

When you actually stop and think about it SEX does more bad than it does good: it makes babies, is a mortal sin in some beliefs, can lead to the ultimate controversy 'abortion', spreads disease, causes divorce and separation, can lose friends, break hearts, is the weapon of a rapist. Hell, when it's put that way I would definitely not be down with it no matter how much someone tried to convince me that an orgasm was all worth it. But that's another topic for another time so lets just say for the most part its probably just a simple good night between the sheets.

This is a real example that happened to my boyfriend yesterday - hilarious. He went to buy condoms and there was a lady hanging about at the counter who had drunk a few. She sees my boyfriend has condoms (I am not there by the way) and walks up nudges him in the ribs and states, "You naughty boy!" She then proceeded to tell him that "It is very good what you are doing! [because] You never know do you? Are you having a big night hey? Oh well, good luck [wink]" and so on. Then she points to the poor pimply faced 18year old behind the counter and says, "This here is my son [awkward horrible dying death of the women's son] and I tell him all the time that he should be careful......."
What a wackjob.
......n. x

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