Girls only. Use daily.

Do not stop, Do not pass on an inferior copy & Do not collect 200 other products. This was going to be 'Girls Only' but fuck I thought I better get into the swing of 2009, because I know some of you boys will love this too.
YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Makeup. Flawless. This stuff is your foundation. Your skin can breathe. It does not contain, talc, parabans or mineral oils. It covers pigmentation, blemishes, dark circles. Look here. Use a crystal deodorant. This works. It lasts for wont block your lymph glands like aluminium deodorants (linked to breast cancer). Wet crystal and lick your underarms with this. No sweat. Really Cheap. Wonder Ingredients. Natural.Look here.Stop using so much crap on your face. Start with a good organic cleanser. Finish with certified organic Rose Hip Oil. Will not clog pores, naturally corrects fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates. There are tons of brands but Trilogy is a favourite. Affordable. One Ingredient. Organic. Look here.
Organic virgin coconut oil. Use this for everything. Hair treatment is amazing - blow a warm hair dryer on it (on low, don't burn your hair) to warm it up and soak it in. Body moisturiser, all over red rover. Add raw sugar and use it as the best body exfoliate ever. Do this in the shower and the sugar will dissolve. You wont need to moisturise when you get out. (Rub someones back with this and they will love you for ever). Keep some in the kitchen to cook with! Cheap. One ingredient. Organic.Lucas PawPaw Ointment no surprise here. Lips, rashes, irritations, wet look cheeks, dry hands and elbows, eye brows in place, chaf, use in your hair as a styling will keep discovering new ways to use this. Cheap. One Ingredient. Natural. Need I say more?

Last thing, do yourself a favour and buy yourself a colour wheel (you can get them from art/craft supplies) shows what colours go best together. Use this to match your hair/eye colour and your skin tone to your makeup - not everyone suits blue & green & purple...
Stranded on a desert island, what is the one beauty product you would have to take?
My vice - mascara..........x

Diorshow Blackout. Gives you lashes you didn't even know you had. Look here. Doirshow original dries out quite quickly so go with blackout. WARNING: This will give you fuck off, blow away lashes (especially with 2/3 coats). If this is not appealing Do Not use. Expensive. Artificial Ingredients. Fake.

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  1. Virgin coconut oil = best shit ever.

    Delicous and helped my drog grow 50% of his fur back in no time!

    Wolfy says YUM yUM!


    ...the fact i haven't washedmy hair in about 3 years means i don't really need any 'styling products' but hey...maybe ill throw some paw paw in there and see how it goes. Thansk for the tips!