The Wicked Witch of the Westwood

Far from it!
More like the Fairy Godmother, Vivienne Westwood.

If you don't know much about Westwood, she is an institution.
She has been brilliant since the 70's.
If you haven't already - click on her name at the top and you can see why on her website
( & don't forget to check out the 'history' section).

Lets not get into whether you like Miss Anderson or not.
This advertising campaign is good. Very good.
It is far, far away from all the over-stylised, static, high fashion photography we have been seeing everywhere else for awhile.
No Tom Fordian slips here.
This is fun, relaxed and unbelieveable fucking hot.
The attitudes in these photos are almost sarcastic.
Basically, she flaws others [designers] - even with the slip of a nipple!

And Pammy. I must admit you have killer legs.
Look here, for Vivienne Westwood's Week Ready-To-Wear Collection
@ Paris Fashion Week.

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